Education, conservation, and research are the pillars that strengthen Grupo Cataratas’ sustainable positioning. Our guidelines focused on the environment, society, and the economy aim to promote and maintain global sustainability.

The concept of sustainability is ingrained in our day-to-day operations, guiding the entire socio-environmental economic management of Grupo Cataratas. The result is our Corporate Socio-Environmental Responsibility Policy.

We uphold the practice of sustainable tourism in our six parks. Nature, as our main attraction, is the central character in the transformative experiences we offer. We believe in the legacy of positive impact left by our practices, capable of reshaping the relationship with nature and raising awareness about conservation in every Cataratas guest.

Sustainability Reports

Our annual corporate socio-environmental responsibility reports are our primary communication and transparency tool regarding our commitment to sustainability.
Our reports are prepared following the international guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Integrated Reporting (IR) framework, and starting from 2020, the metrics proposed by the World Economic Forum.
Over the years, we have evolved by introducing indicators that materialize our journey of positive impact. Learn more about our results and challenges.

Reports 2022

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Conhecer para Conservar Institute

The Conhecer para Conservar Institute was born to strengthen the idea of tourism as conservation, a principle deeply rooted in Grupo Cataratas. Thus, sustainability is the main focus of the various projects carried out by the institution.

In partnership with public and private entities, the Institute develops initiatives to promote biodiversity. Environmental conservation, eco-efficiency, and education are the primary foundations in the development of each of these projects.

Promoting environmental causes also serves as a tool for resource mobilization and the cultivation of ideals to be managed by environmental professionals. In every activity, community involvement through environmental education is encouraged. After all, it is through mobilization that we aim to achieve transformation.

You can also be part of the change! Become a member of the Conhecer Para Conservar Institute!