Plurais is what we call the Cataratas Group’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion area. Our goal is to create and maintain a welcoming and safe environment, where everyone feels respected and valued. Our essence is to diversify connections; We seek to boost and equate the different potentialities and pluralities that exist, promoting an interaction that recognizes and values the richness provided by the variety of perspectives, skills and experiences.



#1 Celebration of Diversity

We recognize and value Intersectionality with its diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences that enrich our community.

#2 Culture of Empathy

We foster an organizational culture based on empathy, in which each voice is heard, and each plurality is valued and respected regardless of their identity, orientation, race or any other characteristic.

#3 Community that empowers

We are committed to constantly learning and evolving, seeking to better understand other people’s experiences and promoting education about the importance of diversity.

#4 For everyone

We fight for equal opportunities, within the Cataratas Group it is possible to find an environment where everyone feels respected, valued and able to contribute to a harmonious coexistence.

Awareness and Debate Groups

Diversity Groups

Plurals Calendar 2024

The Cataratas Group Plural Calendar goes beyond a simple everyday tool, it represents a fundamental strategy to boost, celebrate and improve organizational culture.

In this content, we have compiled the main national and international celebration and awareness events related to diversity, equity and inclusion. Be part of this movement, download now!