Who We Are


The Institute Know to Conserve was founded with the purpose of bringing humans and nature closer together and promoting sustainable development. Through partnerships with public and private entities, we carry out projects aimed at valuing and restoring biodiversity, sustainable technologies, and the recovery of urban landscapes. Our goal is to transform the environment and society.

With the creation of the Institute, a tool for raising funds and ideas was born, managed by people specialized and involved in the environment, culture, society, science, and education. Our projects focus on applied research for conservation, eco-efficiency, and environmental education, fundamental areas for promoting a life with environmental and social balance.


Participating: Keep an eye on our agenda. We carry out projects in which your participation is essential. Come and be part of this story with us.

Learning: Seek knowledge about the environment. On the Know to Conserve Portal, you can embark on a true adventure of scientific discoveries.

Discussing: Talk about sustainable development, spread the idea, and raise awareness among your friends and family.

Engaging: Rally your friends and family and actively participate in social media. Share the text or video you liked the most. Our projects only come to life with everyone’s engagement!

Transforming: Change your habits, practice actions that contribute to the environment and society. We are a great chain, and every action helps strengthen and set an example.

Investing: Everyone can contribute to the projects by purchasing products in our stores within the parks.